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  • 2012

    Start with a small service in construction management

    Emmaldo Gh has made a way from a small company to a large corporation as it is now today. Everything started from the founder`s initiative to open a small service of individual construction worker. He was able to express such commitment and professionalism that people kept returning and recommending him when he actually realized this is what he is destined to be doing.

  • 2014


    He got the company registered EMMALDO GH. LTD, was
    issued its certificate to commerce business under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) on 6th day of June 2014. EMMALDO GH. LTD, was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) on 2nd day of June 2014. Emmaldo Gh. Ltd. When he had his hands so full he couldn`t handle all the orders independently, he figured out it is time to expand and hire. He also wanted to be helping people and he knew that those who really appreciate their jobs can do more than possible. so he started hiring among students and those looking for a job for months.

  • 2012


    Emmaldo Gh was already a small company with the staff number reaching dozens of people when their project on renovation of the City Hall was marked by the press. The Founder - still young and enthusiastic made a great speech which also revealed his personal qualities and dedication to the job he does, which significantly raised the interest towards the company overall. Number of orders rose.

  • 2016


    Emmaldo emerged after providing a lot of technical and management support to IDE Aluminium Systems Ltd-Accra (A specialized aluminium and glass contracting company). Emmaldo Ghana Ltd, provided local key technical support to IDE Aluminium Systems Ltd. to deliver, Tower Real Property now Marvel House at East-Cantoments, Imperial Homes-Premier Place and Mankata apartments all at Airport residencial, Kasapreko New Blending Aluminium Ceiling among others. EMMALDO GH. LTD. We also provide stainless steel, aluminium and steel balustrades, burglarproof and collapsible grills. Emmaldo Gh. Ltd, is conversant with the Manufacturing process that IDE uses and its complies with high standards International aluminium systems TECHNAL (France), HARTMANN (Germany), BERTI structural Glazing (Italy) Aluminium composite panels cladding (ACP), as well as the newly Spider Glass system

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